Settling In

When settling your child into Pipitea we ask that you visit with your child several times before starting at the centre. This gives both you and your child the opportunity to become familiar with the surroundings, the teaching team and the daily routines.

Goodbyes can be hard so below are a few strategies to make it easier:

  • Often a regular routine helps your child settle in to the centre, for example coming into the centre and doing the same activity together, such as reading a book
  • Say goodbye to your child and leave quickly, long drawn out goodbyes can make separation even harder for everyone. If your child becomes upset, the teaching staff will comfort them and settle them into the centre activities.
  • Talk to your child about Pipitea at home, letting them kow what the plan is, talk about what they may be doing, who they will see and what you will also be doing.

Please feel free to call the centre at any time to check and see how your child is doing.