The kaiako to tamariki ratios do not translate to hour-by-hour teaching ratios, since not all kaiako are interacting with tamariki at all times. This is because kaiako work at most 8 hours per day and because kaiako need breaks. For the majority of the day, we have 3 kaiako working with the tamariki in Caterpillar Room and 4 kaiakos working with the tamariki in Butterfly Room which broadly relates to ratios of 1:3 for tamariki under the age of 2 years, and 1:6 for tamariki over 2.

The regulated minimum ratio for education and care centres set by Government is 1:5 for tamariki under 2 years, and 1:10 for tamariki aged 2 to 5 years. In addition, Government regulations require a minimum of 50% of qualified and registered teaching staff (for the maximum specified ratios). Over 80% of our kaiako are qualified and registered early childhood kaiako, and often we will have 100% qualified kaiako teaching.

A qualifed Centre Manager is employed as the professional leader of each staff team so that a high-quality care and education programme is maintained. One kaiako is also employed as the lead to teach alongside the team and leading kaiako in implementing the curriculum.

Casual relieving staff are employed on an as-needed basis.