What is expected of you as Pipitea whānau

Minimum expectations of Pipitea whānau are as follows:

Whanau Contribution tasks
Pipitea has many ad hoc tasks that as a non profit parent cooperation we choose to involve whanau to complete. It is expected that whanau contribute to the smooth and safe running of the Centre with assisting with tasks at least once a year. When tasks come up they are advertised in our weekly update.

Attendance at the AGM
Pipitea has an annual general meeting (AGM) in approximately July of each year, held on a weekday evening. It is an important opportunity for the Governance Committee to share with whānau the positives, as well as any challenges, that Pipitea faces. Attendance from each whānau is expected.

Participation in the Governance Committee
A representative from each whānau must attend at least one Governance Committee meeting per year. Meetings are held during the evening once per month, with a variety of in-person and online meetings throughout the year. All whānau are encouraged to also join the Governance Committee – without members, Pipitea is unable to run, so we rely heavily on active and involved parents to get engaged in the committee.

Attendance at kaiako-whānau hui
There are two kaiako-whānau hui per year held during Pipitea’s opening hours. These are an opportunity to talk to key kaiako about progress and aspirations. Whānau are asked to complete a form about strengths, dispositions etc. prior to each hui.

Engagement in fundraising activities
As a small parent-kaiako cooperative, we rely on fundraising to help provide additional financing for capital purchases and upgrading. Whānau are expected to support annual fundraising targets (eg, selling raffle or pub quiz tickets, soliciting raffle prizes from local businesses, supporting Entertainment Card sales etc.).

Other participation on request
From time to time we need other whānau help. This can range from coming in on a Saturday to help spread new sand or bark in the play area, attending excursions as a parent helper, donating materials for craft activities or dressing up as Santa for the Christmas party. As a small parent-kaiako cooperative, this type of enthusiastic engagement is critical for the success of our centre.

Practical needs
On a practical basis, whānau must also provide nappies for their tamaiti (as required, either disposable or reusable), formula/breast milk bottles (as required), and several (labelled) changes of clothes to be kept at the centre.