Our structure

Parent-kaiako cooperative
Pipitea is a non-profit parent-kaiako cooperative. This means that all parents are expected to participate in the life of the Pipitea – whānau involvement is fundamental to our operation.

The Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is comprised of parent volunteers and the Centre Manager. It provides overarching governance and strategic direction and is responsible for things like developing the strategic plan, overseeing centre finances, organising fundraising efforts, and coordinating social activities for whānau.

Parents occupy the positions of three elected officers (the Convener, the Treasurer and the Secretary) as well as other general members. The convener works closely with the Centre Manager on a regular basis. In a nutshell, the Governance Committee decides what the centre should do, and the Centre Manager decides how the centre should do it.

The Governance Committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and in addition to the AGM, meets in the evening once a month. Parents are expected to participate in the Governance Committee during their time at Pipitea.