Daily rituals – Caterpillars

At Pipitea, we have a number of daily rituals for our tamariki. These provide familiarity and structure to the daily life of our centre.

Caterpillars (under twos)
From 7.45am tamariki begin to arrive. Whānau are encouraged to talk to kaiako about their tamariki and provide any important information.

Tamariki are given the freedom to choose what it is that they would like to play with throughout the day. While a range of different resources and activities are set up around the environment, tamariki are encouraged to freely play with something that captures their interest whether it be independently or in a small group.

Rituals begin shortly after arrival as bottles, nappy changes and sleep times begin as and where needed based on the cues of tamariki (whānau are welcome to provide either reusable or disposable nappies). The younger of the Caterpillar tamariki may eat prior to morning tea if they have an early morning sleep.

From 9.30am, morning kai is offered. Tamariki make their own way to the table and choose a seat, younger babies will sit on a kaiako lap for their kai. Fruit, milk and water is always offered alongside morning tea (depending on dietary requirements).

After morning kai, tamariki can continue with their free play. At this time the kaiako often take the tamariki out onto the deck or into the Butterfly space to play with the older tamariki.

Rituals continue with a key kaiako as tamariki need nappy changes, bottles and sleep.

From 11.30am lunch is served in the Caterpillar space. After lunch, usually the older of the Caterpillar tamariki will go to bed.

Rituals and free play continue throughout the afternoon.

From 2.30pm afternoon kai is offered. Fruit and water are all served alongside afternoon kai.

Following afternoon kai, rituals and free play continue as tamariki begin to get picked up and go home.

From 4.30pm the Caterpillar space is tidied up and remaining tamariki and Caterpillar kaiako join with the Butterfly tamariki for a late snack of fresh fruit until the centre closes at 5.45pm.