Meet the team

Sam Owens – Centre Manager (
“Building trusting relationships with tamariki, whānau, kaiako and the Committee is essential for me, alongside creating a stimulating learning environment that develops the love for lifelong learning”

Fe Mullan – Lead Kaiako (Full certification)
“I am passionate about tamariki and look forward to working with them and their whānau every day”

Tenaya Tilly – Kaiako (Full certificatopn)
“At Pipitea my whānau is extended tenfold to include all those who have come before and those I have yet to meet. We live, love and laugh at Pipitea”

Shamima Hassan – Kaiako
“It excites me to work alongside and help Pipitea tamariki”

Jennie Nelson – Kaiako (Full certification)
“One of my favourite things to do with tamariki is share my passion for the outdoors and going on adventures”

Kamol Suptatangtrakul – Kaiako (Full certification)
“I continue to learn and challenge myself to gain knowledge of quality practices and apply these to my teaching daily”

Steph Whitehouse – Kaiako (Full certification)
“I believe children are creators of their own learning and we are here as guides to support, challenge and extend upon their ideas”

Josh Mann – Kaiako (Provisional certification)
“I am passionate about supporting tamariki to reach their full potential and empowering them to lead their own learning and inspire others through play”

Penny Pickard – Kaiako (Full certification)

“I am passionate about the holistic education for tamariki”

Mandy Heyward – Kaiako (Provisional cerfification)

“I believe everyday is a new opportunity for learning and growth”

Philippa Starke – Office Manager
“I enjoy the daily welcoming interactions with tamariki and their whānau and being a part of the Pipitea community”

Mandie Pfister – Nutritional Cook

“Tamariki come first and they need us to believe in them so they can believe in themselves”

We are also very fortunate to have regular relievers of Ella, Hannah F, Hannah B, Cleo and Karen to help when needed.